Experimenting with Regenerative Agriculture.

We are building a regenerative agriculture through livestock grazing management on pastures and using cover crops to build healthy soil life.


  • The three Ps of electric netting.

    The three Ps of electric netting.

    Are you thinking of using electric netting or electric fencing? Give this video a watch or a listen to get some insight. I discuss how I considered electric netting or electric wires for years before I decided to just invest in it and get going. I started in mid-March and… Read more

  • We got some rain. Thank you!!!

    We got some rain. Thank you!!!

    We have been blessed with rain this week. After a dreading hot month of temperatures going over 100 degrees we received our first rainfall of the season, monsoon season. I am excited to see how our pasture responds to the moisture we have received after spot grazing the pasture since… Read more

  • Wool Pellets

    Wool Pellets

    Over the weekend we ran our first ever wool pellet production with the help of a small business owner that specializes in making wool pellets. We were able to get 80 pounds of wool pellets from our small herd of sheep. We tested mohair as well and I believe we… Read more

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  • Laughing Goat Wool & Mohair

    Laughing Goat Wool & Mohair

    We are specializing in raising sheep with fine wool. Our goal in the next decade is to grow super fine wool. We had a cross bred herd with a history of Churro and Romeldale. Along the way the specific breeds got mixed with many other breeds which would include, as… Read more

  • Debouillet


    Laughing Goat Gardens decided to start a herd of Debouillet sheep in 2022. In September of 2022 we made a trip to Tatum, NM to pick up our starter flock of 3 female lambs and 1 ram lamb. I had spoken with Deb beforehand to make arrangements and to see… Read more