Experimenting with Regenerative Agriculture.

We are building a regenerative agriculture through livestock grazing management on pastures and using cover crops to build healthy soil life.


  • 5 Minutes of Pure Enjoyment.

    5 Minutes of Pure Enjoyment.

    Experience these 5 minutes of pure relaxation and enjoyment with me. This is the best time of the day for me. After I setup the paddocks I sit and enjoy the calm along with the sunset. Amazing. I hope you enjoy it as well. Read more

  • Update from the pasture with the Dudes.

    Update from the pasture with the Dudes.

    Good Saturday morning y’all. How y’all are well on this fantastic morning. I’m providing an overview of my pasture goals. I implemented electric netting to hold the herd in a certain location to graze for a day then move them the next day. Read more

  • A New Method for ME.

    A New Method for ME.

    Last month, I finally took the plunge and started using Premiere1’s electric netting with my herd of sheep and goats. I had been considering it for a few years now, but I finally decided to give it a try because of my time constraints with my full-time job. To help… Read more

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  • Laughing Goat Wool & Mohair

    Laughing Goat Wool & Mohair

    We are specializing in raising sheep with fine wool. Our goal in the next decade is to grow super fine wool. We had a cross bred herd with a history of Churro and Romeldale. Along the way the specific breeds got mixed with many other breeds which would include, as… Read more

  • Laughing Goat Shearing Service

    Laughing Goat Shearing Service

    Wool is sheared from sheep once a year, usually in Spring, before lambing or after depending on your breeding schedule. Mohair is sheared from Angora goats twice a year, usually in Spring, before kidding or after kidding depending on your breeding schedule, and early Fall, so they can grow luxurious… Read more