Laughing Goat Gardens is Working with Regenerative Agriculture.

Laughing Goat Gardens is building a regenerative agriculture through livestock grazing management on pastures and using cover crops to build healthier soil life.


  • 100% Wool Pellets

    100% Wool Pellets

    Over the weekend, Laughing Goat Gardens ran their first ever wool pellet production with the help of a local small business owner that specializes in… Read more

  • It’s a Daily Routine, It Takes Discipline.

    It’s a Daily Routine, It Takes Discipline.

    If you wonder what it takes to become a farmer or rancher I have an answer for you. This is my answer and mine alone.… Read more

  • Weekly Update with a Beautiful Sunset.

    Weekly Update with a Beautiful Sunset.

    We are enjoying a beautiful sunset this evening while giving you our updates from the week along with our potential plan for this year’s breeding… Read more

Featured Pages

  • Debouillet


    Laughing Goat Gardens decided to start a herd of Debouillet sheep in 2022 after researching different breeds of sheep that will adapt to our area with little to no issues. In September of 2022 we made a trip to Tatum, NM to pick up our starter flock of 3 female… Read more

  • Laughing Goat Wool & Mohair

    Laughing Goat Wool & Mohair

    We are specializing in raising sheep with fine wool. Our goal in the next decade is to grow super fine wool. We had a cross bred herd with a history of Churro and Romeldale. Along the way the specific breeds got mixed with many other breeds which would include, as… Read more