The Last Time I Hung Out with Keeree

This was the last time I hung out with my horse, Keeree. She passed a week after I shot this video. It was a sad day for me when I went to check on my horses and saw Keeree laying there, motionless. I had tried my best to not think the worst on this moment as I walked up to her. When I got near her she was still motionless, I looked at her face and noticed that her eyes were gone. The crows had already gotten to her. In my mind, I said to myself that this most likely happened yesterday. With the memories flashing in my mind I tried my best to hold back my tears. She was an amazing horse. My dad had got her for me in 1997, she was 2 years old then.

We were both young and full of life. A nephew of my dad had green broken her for me and I did the rest of her training with, oh my God this is crazy to say, by reading magazines and implementing those tactics I read. I trained her to be a trail horse and a ranch horse. Oh man she was an amazing cutting horse. Thinking back on those times when we were both young brings a smile on my face. I think I would rather celebrate her life for what we had done and what we had been through than to be sad for her. She was retired to the pasture several years ago and maybe twice a year I would ride her bareback.

Animals become family for us on a ranch. Especially a horse since it’s just the two of you out there working together to create a bond and to understand each other. You become one that it seems as though you and your horse are sharing the same breath, sharing the same thoughts.

If you got this far, thank you so much for reading. It is difficult to write this and to end it properly. Thank you and a fantastic New Year to you all.

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