2021 Week 03 – Video

Hiking and LGG Merch We start this week off with a small hike, the dudes are on pasture for a couple of days and I get my embroidered caps and beanies. We get our first snowfall this week as well. Thank you for watching.Thank you to Epidemic Sounds for providing me with music.

2021 Week 01 – Video

Guess Who’s Back? Clubber comes home. The Dudes are on hay for most of the week because I caught a cold over the weekend. I get a COVID test and it was not what I was expecting. Finally, caught up with my weekly videos.Thank you for watching.

2020 Week 51 – Video

A BLIZZARD came through, & elk shed This week we had a small blizzard come through. Nothing stuck to the ground. It’s cold, taking my evening walk, and discussing the winter solstice. Found an elk shed and putting out rock minerals for the elk.

2020 Week 50 – Video

Rain, Hay, & Thoughts on Rebrand This week we got some rain, much needed. The sheep and goats stay in and get hay because the pasture is muddy. I go over my thoughts on rebranding my school district. Hanging out with Rollo on the haystack. Thank you for viewing.