2020 Week 51 – Video

A BLIZZARD came through, & elk shed This week we had a small blizzard come through. Nothing stuck to the ground. It’s cold, taking my evening walk, and discussing the winter solstice. Found an elk shed and putting out rock minerals for the elk.

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2020 Week 50 – Video

Rain, Hay, & Thoughts on Rebrand This week we got some rain, much needed. The sheep and goats stay in and get hay because the pasture is muddy. I go over my thoughts on rebranding my school district. Hanging out with Rollo on the haystack. Thank you for viewing.

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2020 Week 49 – Video

Roasting 4 Bags of Blue Cornmeal This week we roast 4 bags of blue cornmeal because it is a bit nippy outside. Waiting on Clubber, being on pasture with the dudes and Sam’s long neck. Oh, and bit of chainsaw footage for the lumberjacks.

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2020 Week 47 – Video

Robin Hooded Arrow, Cookies and Snow. It was a short week this week due to my changing schedule but, we did get some snow and we made some chocolate chip cookies. Oh and guess what? I Robin Hooded an arrow. Oh Yeah.

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2020 Week 44 – Video

This week we start off by butchering a goat for the family and enjoy the last of the warm calm days. We finish the trailer deck, we open boxes, and upgrade our ranch truck with a new exhaust system and brake system.

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2020 Week 43 – Video

Howdy y’all. I hope this week is finding you well. My new weekly video is up. This video is from the previous week I was late with editing and and posting due to unforeseen events at home. I hope you all enjoy the video and do not forget to subscribe to the Laughing Goat Gardens […]

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