November 2019 – Unused Media

Howdy y’all, I hope y’all had an incredible Thanksgiving holiday. I know I did. November was a pretty amazing month. With this post I wanted to do something different. I have a lot of images and videos that I shoot on my phone, which I don’t ever use. So I wanted to do a compilation video and upload it to my YouTube page and share with you all. It was actually fun to edit video again. I have not done any editing in so long. Dang, it’s been about 17 years. Back then I was using the pirated version of Adobe Premier and After Effects, hahaha. Nowadays, we have video editing in the palm of our hands. I had the iMac DV Edition back in 2000. Also, an HP laptop for coding, music editing and video editing. Dang, it’s been so long. I never thought that I would ever go back to doing that again. But here I am. Messing with a phone an editing my videos and images with it. It’s crazy and amazing all at the same time to see how far technology has come and how far it will go in the next couple decades. I will be starting my monthly video of unused media. Be sure to stay tuned by subscribing to my blog, follow me on my social media @laughinggoatg on all platforms.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the video. Peace out everyone.