Laughing Goat Wool & Mohair

We are specializing in raising sheep with fine wool. Our goal in the next decade is to grow super fine wool. We had a cross bred herd with a history of Churro and Romeldale. Along the way the specific breeds got mixed with many other breeds which would include, as far as I know, Merino, Suffolk and a heavy influence of Rambouillet. Starting in 2022 we focused our attention to a specific breed, the Debouillet sheep. You can read the full details on the Debouillet page.

We are also focusing on growing better mohair with our Navajo Angora goats. Naturally, mohair gets coarser with age. The finest mohair we will get from an Angora goat is their first two shearing as kids and yearlings. Our goats stay on our farm for a ling time before we retire them. Our does bless us with amazing kids and those kids grow to be amazing goats that give us fine mohair.