Laughing Goat Shearing Service

Wool is sheared from sheep once a year, usually in Spring, before lambing or after depending on your breeding schedule. Mohair is sheared from Angora goats twice a year, usually in Spring, before kidding or after kidding depending on your breeding schedule, and early Fall, so they can grow luxurious winter coats. Shearing sheep and goats helps them benefit with their health. Our ancestors raised sheep and goats to be sheared and to use the wool and mohair for clothing and textiles. In the wild, naturally, sheep and goats shed their fleece. We offer our shearing service to folks that are in our area. We use a electric shear to remove the wool and mohair from the sheep or goat. Traditionally, we used hand shears, look like big scissors to remove the wool and the mohair from the animal. Our services are available throughout the year. Many folks like to shear their sheep and goats before lambing and kidding season.

On our ranch we shear our goats and sheep in March after lambing and kidding season is done. We will shear again in September. Our fall shearing usually consists of a majority of our goats and some of our sheep. This depends on the wool and mohair growth. We raise our animals to have a nice staple length along with a low micron.