January Garden Walk

Garden walk – January 5, 2022

Let’s have a look at the garden shall we. We see the cotton wood garden and it’s, I just let it go crazy. Last year, I didn’t do anything. This is all just a mixture of native vegetation, native plants and inter cropped with like some, uh, cover crop seed. So, uh, this coming year, I’m just going to mow that down, till it in. And we’re going to get that ready.

And then we’re going to get this out of the way. Hopefully soon I got plans to cut it up into pieces, put it at the front door and here we have the double-wide garden. We kind of planted this like corn, but nothing really came of it. Didn’t really tend to it. It’s just too busy with modern remodeling at the house.

So that was my fault. I just overtook the whole, the whole summer last year, but this year it’ll be a lot better. So, this has um, these are actually clovers. Some of these. Yeah. There’s a lot of clovers in here. Some native vegetation, only thing we got a, a gopher in here the gopher likes clovers. There’s a fresh one right here.

Oh man. Mr., Mr. or Mrs. Gopher, you better leave my garden by springtime. We’re going to move this whole down March. Cover it. silage tarp Again. I don’t have enough for. All of them, but I think I’m probably just going to do the smaller one. I kind of want to plant a lot more this year, you know? Cause this, this has just been, I didn’t plant here for two years now and over there that one is like three years the fruit tree, this one I tried last year and the year before, but the year before.

You follow me, you know, what happened this coming year. It’s going to be pretty awesome, I even really checked it here yet. I know it’s just ha, my sprinklers still out here

a lot of clovers out here. Only thing is the place I rent the tiller from the other year. They don’t have the tillers anymore. They had a BCS, but now they don’t have it. So, I got to get that one running and we’ll get that going and run it through. And that’s a lot though, kind of thinking maybe just these two.

I don’t want to go crazy for another year and see what happens though. Because this one is huge.

The tree and then the same over there a hundred feet, a hundred feet, 200 feet.

Just going to prep this, two and a half months already, oh my God! Two and a half months is crazy. And this one is just like, kind of lower down. And it reseeded itself a couple of times, rye and a wheat. Pretty interesting, but I think we had a planted this year. We got a rent tractor, like a skid-steer level this all down.

That’d be nice. My brother’s been wanting to get that his leveled down too. Look at that. Oh, well, well, it’s the garden areas. That’s Laughing Goat Gardens. You’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5 garden beds, five garden plots. That’s what I started with. So, alright y’all.

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