Goods and Services

Below is a list of the goods and services that we offer. You may contact me for more information.

Pasture Raised Beef

We offer pasture raised, pasture finished beef twice a year. Our beef is free of antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, and grain. Our cattle grow at their own pace while free ranging on the pastures foraging on native vegetation.

Fresh Grown Produce

We offer organically grown produce 9 months out of the year. We use natural fertilizers to amend our soil in the garden beds mixed with a variety of cover crops and compost that is made from our animals waste.

Sheep & Goat Shearing

A new service we are offering starting this year, 2022 is sheep and goat shearing. We shear by hand or with electric shears at our customers’ request. Most shearing jobs are done with an electric shear.

Fine Wool & Mohair

We offer our fine wool and mohair to spinners and weavers who appreciate fiber as much as we do. Our fine wool comes from our herd of Rambouillet sheep that have been selectively bred to produce fine wool. Our mohair comes from our herd of Navajo Angora goats that have been selectively bred to produce a high standard of mohair. In the future we will be offering roving with our wool and mohair.


Every 3 years we offer our older livestock for sale. This includes our sheep and goats. This year, 2022 is one of the years we are selling our older animals to other growers for herd improvement or starting of a herd.


We have a few items in our merchandise store including t-shirts, hoodies and caps. We are currently taking orders only upon requests.

Handmade Quilts

This year I started back on the sewing machine and have been having fun making quilts. I have fulfilled a half dozen orders so far. You may request a custom quilt to be made or choose from what I have currently in stock.