Fruit Trees to start our orchard

The beginning of our fruit orchard. 6 trees to start with.

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What’s happening folks? How’s it going? Hope be able having a wonderful Thursday with a short day of work today and shout out to my cousin-in-law for blessing me with some funds and guess what I got. Got some fruit trees, baby. So we got six now. They were kind of on sale at the local nursery in Gallup. We got

I just went blank. We got a pear tree. I’m not exactly sure which ones they are, but pear tree Bartlet pear, um, a peach tree and apricot tree and three different types of apple trees. Uh, one was a Fuji, the other one’s a honey crisp. And this one that’s called like a sweet 16, I guess it’s supposed to taste like cherry.

So that sounded interesting. And I was like, yeah, we’ll give that a try. So, um, three bags of compost, a new hose, of course, a shorter one for the one in the back, the small kitchen garden. We just have that a hundred foot one. It goes way out there and comes back. So had to get a 50 foot one, um, and a bag of Azomite.

Azomite is like the greatest thing ever, because it just has pretty much all the minerals and trace elements in it. So hence the name Azomite. So if you all don’t know what Azomite stands for, it’s A to Z of minerals and trace elements. So that’s what that is. It’s like all your trace elements, everything.

So usually beneficial when you’re planting, like any type of tree, just add a little bit, like, you know, on top of the compost. And cover it up, you know, mulch it up and all that. So I usually do that. Um, but also I use it in the garden, not a whole lot, just a little bit. So cuz there’s a lot of stuff in there and it’s really good.

So it’s time I got to, you know, remineralize my garden bed. So anyway, that is what I did this morning. Got my eyes checked still the same, still healthy. that dude’s like, you’re at the age where you’re in your site, vision is gonna start getting a little fuzzy. So we just gotta take a look at that. I’m like, I think I’m still good, bro.

so, yeah, it’s still good, but we’re gonna unload these. These dudes, welcome home trees, your new home, and where we picked it out of to put them is see the down pipe right here. We’re gonna put like a little catchment system there. We have a tote over there, but I’m thinking just a rain barrel. Maybe two rain barrels would work.

Cause it’s a little bit smaller. For the gutter, just the, just the white one here, maybe about 10, maybe 15 feet. So that comes down and we’re just gonna kind of fabricate it here to where it goes into the one water barrel and then go to another water barrel. And then after that it’s the overflow will come down here.

And I’m kind of thinking we’re gonna put one maybe here kind of even with the house. Yeah. Like here. So I think we can put four here.


All right. I think that was a goat, right. Anyway, but so we’re gonna do one here. We’re gonna kind of design it to where I don’t know what to call, but you know, like where the water comes down it. Oh, it’s a rooster. You’re a little late rooster. it’s like noon. What? That Roha slept in. Maybe somebody’s like, wake me up at 12, but anyway, but yeah, you know how, I guess we can draw like main water flows here and then we’re gonna kind of, we’ll make this the tree and dig a little system around here.

To where it catches here, it fills up, it goes and, you know, just kind of like that whole system. So that will be down to here. And I think we can fit four. So these are dwarf trees. I was kind of hoping for like the super dwarf ones. Is that what they call. But I know there’s some that can, that go only go like 10 feet or eight feet, but these ones like 20 feet, but we still had to kind of clip them, but which should be fine.

And I chose the north side of the building because I read somewhere. Like a couple years ago that, you know, if you put the fruit trees on the north side of the building, that the winter sun stays a little bit lower and it takes a little bit longer for them to bloom in the springtime. And I think that’s the problem with the ones we have over there, which I want to cut down.

Just like cut ’em down. We’re still debating over that. But, um, one, but I think three, I think this will be probably three. So it’ll be one here, one here. And one where that flag is. So then we’ll have three more. I’m kind of thinking peach, apricot, pear or. Whichever way we’ll jumble it up somehow. And we also, this was supposed to get, um, what do you say?

Like set up cleared, leveled, whatnot for our future orchard, but since my favorite cousin, not was kidding. Uh, just calling my favorite cousin in law now. Um, anyway, uh, yeah, but our cousin blessed us with some funds, so we got three more trees and I still got like, um, some funds left. So, but that, I think we’re gonna divert into some grapes and a cherry Bush.

I have one cherry Bush over there, which reminds me. I gotta take a look at it. I’m like, oh man, I got so many things going on with me, but this is where we kind of, we’re gonna set up properly for, but I think it should be okay. Pretty, somewhat level. It’s gotta take all these branches outta here and we’re gonna plant same thing with this, with the same idea.

These trees are huge, so it’ll provide more shade. So it will stay colder on the north side of the trees and. The fruit trees will bloom later on in the season. So I believe that was the concept of what I read in that article. So we’ll see if that works and we’ll see how that goes because the other one is just like right over there in the open and they bloom like.

mid-March right around springtime and that’s right when the winds pick up and it’s like, whoa, and the blooms blow away. And we get that late that last, like cold spell and it’s like, they freeze up and then they drop. So that’s why we’ve never had that thing fruit, but I’m working on changing that. So yeah.

Read different type of studies like that regarding this. So. We’ll see what happens. We’ll keep you all updated. So I’m thinking 1, 2, 3, and then we will. Got like three or four more trees all the way up to maybe here or up to here, you know, just want a little orchard over here. So it’ll be like 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, maybe.

I don’t know how that happened. 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10. Yeah. So I think we have room for 10 trees, so that’s three and then we’ll have room for seven more, but anyway, it’s been a fun morning and we are gonna unload the trees and we are going to. Take the dudes out. They’ll be out on their own today for a bit.

I gotta clean out the south, the little paddock that I have set up for them. The reason being, I gotta take heavy D and KB, the two bucks, I gotta separate them because KB is already, you know, doing his male goat thing, chasing the ladies around.

Yeah. We’ll have some. That was kind of my intention when I got ’em, but now I’m like, no, I think I gotta stick to a full Angora so, but anyway, I mean, it’ll have maybe three. Two or three cross bred we’ll have like AnBoeras next year anyway, but so we’re gonna work on that. Um, aside from that, this is a fun project.

So this weekend we’re gonna get, um, oh, that’s what I was gonna say. Um, for the kitchen garden, we put up one of these lattice. Um, we’re gonna get some grape, so we’re gonna plant them. And then I, for me have always like, realized that when I do fall planting trees and anything like that, I always always does well for me.

So we’re gonna do some fall planting for the grapes and hopefully they come out next year, which I know they will. And on top of that, oh, cherry Bush. Um, they didn’t have cherry bushes over here. Just had cherry trees. So I have one cherry Bush over here. I think it was like a Juliet. I know that other nursery in Pinetop had two varieties.

It was like a crazy, it was like Romeo and Juliet variety. So we’re gonna see if they have that. You got the dogs over here, just hanging out underneath the tree. So, this is gonna be fun. I guess we’re just gonna have native vegetation underneath here. And once these dudes get tall enough, you know, we’ll just have the sheep and goats kind of graze underneath it.

These will grow back too. So these cottonwoods, so all this, we’re just gonna kind of clear this out in a couple years. I always wanted to put another one in the middle, but I think that’s far enough of parts. So yeah, just gonna let them come back up and. We also planted two maple trees out there behind a hay barn.

So that’s just shade and whatnot for the dudes and other animals that are out there, kind of a little wind barrier as well. But that’s what we got going on today. And probably won’t plant this today. Um, probably cause we gotta do that and I kind of gotta set this up. Measure it out and yeah, it’s gonna be fun, man.

I hope y’all are having some amazing projects as well. This is my project. Um, fall projects. I know I got the giant one where I could build the barn, but we’ll get to that soon enough, but this is my project. Hope y’all have some amazing projects for your homestead, farm, ranch, whatever you call it, your hobby farm, you know, but this is for us.

And. Another step to getting closer to being self-sufficient on our little ranch farm homestead. I just call it interchangeably. I know they have very distinctive technical definitions for ’em, but. I believe they all work together for here because, you know, we have gardens we’re growing food ourselves.

So that is a homestead. We have farms and, you know, animals and whatnot and yeah. And we call our pastures a pasture. So that the only difference between a ranch and a farm is you call a farm calls their land a field and a ranch calls their land pastures. So it’s like, yeah, we have pastures, but yeah. So, I guess it’s a ranch and homestead so, yeah.

Anyway, I’ve looked that up anyways, too, but. Getting too technical here, but alright. I’m blabby now. So y’all have a wonderful day. We’re gonna get to unloading and we’re gonna get to get some projects done. So have a magnificent Thursday. I’ll remember if you are awesome and do amazing things today. Get ready for fall.

Get ready for spring. Do some planting, whatever you gotta do. Let’s do this y’all. Peace.