Fifth Entry – Wood Hauling

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is well and staying warm. This month I am taking you along with me as I get ready for winter and haul firewood for the homestead. I was going to post the second part of my soil sample but I instead wanted to do this. It was difficult for me to document the the process since I go and just get in my zone in doing what I need to do. It was fun though, I had to keep reminding myself not to forget my phone, haha. I still need to get a couple more truck fulls of firewood before I am done with my prep. I am getting better at documenting my daily life on the homestead. I am hoping this is a treat for you all. This is my second video that I edited and uploaded to my YouTube channel as well. You can watch my cover crop video on my channel on YouTube. I need to get a full document start to finish for wood hauling. I still need a couple more truck loads so stay tuned and you just might get a treat later. Hopefully ya’ll enjoy the video.

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