Debouillet ram in the pasture

Laughing Goat Gardens decided to start a herd of Debouillet sheep in 2022 after researching different breeds of sheep that will adapt to our area with little to no issues. In September of 2022 we made a trip to Tatum, NM to pick up our starter flock of 3 female lambs and 1 ram lamb. I had spoken with Deb beforehand to make arrangements and to see if I would be able to get a few lambs from her. After a short conversation on the phone we were laughing and having a conversation about sheep. I explained my history and my interest in the breed. The Debouillet sheep was discovered my Deb’s grandfather, in the 1920s by crossbreeding the Delaine Merino with the Rambouillet sheep.

History of the Debouillet Sheep

Debouillet sheep are an American breed that originated in New Mexico in the 1920s. Rancher Amos Dee Jones took Delaine Merinos from Ohio and Rambouillet sheep and bred them to create this new breed that was suited for the arid climates of New Mexico and Texas. Delaine Merinos (aka. Type C Merinos) have a very fine fleece with a range of 17-22 microns diameter. The wool they produce is best served by spinning a very fine single that will be very smooth. Rambouillets on the other hand have a much higher crimp and are ever so slightly more sturdy. Their wool tends to be more lofty because the crimp can trap more air, thusly leading to a warmer yarn. It’s easy to see how the properties of these 2 sheep could combine to make the beautiful Debouillet.

One Year Review

The Debouillet adjusted to the herd quickly. They had to figure out that on our farm or herd go on pasture everyday and they have to come back in at the end of the day. After a week they had adjusted to this schedule and they found where all the good grass is growing and love to indulge in the fresh vegetation. Earlier this year the Debouillets helped us with the spot grazing initiative we introduced to our herd. At the Jones’ Ranch the sheep are on pasture 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week. They eased our herd into this method and we are grateful for their assistance in our transition. To date, our herd is on pasture 24/7. We are proud and truly grateful for Deb’s consideration in having us to be a part of the Jones’ Ranch Debouillet legacy Thank you Grandpa Jones for discovering this amazing breed of sheep. I hope we are taking care of your sheep with the same care you gave them. Your legacy lives on on the Laughing Goat Gardens’ farm.