About LGG

Laughing Goat Gardens was started in 2015 as a hobby garden. We have grown to become a market garden offering fresh mixed vegetables 7 months out of the year. We started offering pasture-raised beef in 2018. Our cattle are raised on pasture and native vegetation with minimal input such as grain, we do supplement nutrients during times of stress, mainly drought. We also have a limited amount of pasture raised lamb and goat that we offer to the local community. This can be processed or live animal, 99% of our local community prefer live animal because processing a sheep or goat is a family event and is mostly done during special occasions. In the summer of 2019 we started offering fresh eggs. This past year, 2020, we processed our first batch of meat birds. Our meat birds and layers are also pasture raised on native vegetation along with free choice of layer feed for the egg layers and meat bird feed for our meat birds. Our chickens get scratch grain once per day and they enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, plenty of space to run around and just being chickens.

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